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Salvage, Trucking, & Landfill Waste Solutions

Salvage, Trucking, & Landfill Waste Solutions

Just about everyone is going to have to deal with landfill waste or an overabundance of waste at some point during business. Northern Biomass Consulting in Prince George, British Columbia, offers salvage and trucking consulting to help you deal with that waste.

Waste Solutions

Salvage Operations

Companies often find that they need to salvage a product or project. Major construction sites, private owners, expansion projects, pipelines, and Liquid Natural Gas sites are always working to improve operations, and occasionally that means salvaging old projects. Count on us for the salvage consulting services you need to make the most of your project.


Landfill Waste Consultation                          

Companies regularly find themselves needing to clean up the bases of a project. When that time comes, turn to Northern Biomass Consulting and our landfill waste consultation team. Common clients are municipalities, counties, and other major sites looking for large-scale waste solutions.

 Trucking Solutions

There are several different areas in which a business might make use of a trucking solution to move their product, whether they are just starting up or looking to expand. We work with bush grinding, site cleanup, salvage, and landfill waste projects to come up with a workable trucking solution to meet their transportation needs. We also provide all necessary equipment, knowledge, and management services you might need for your project.