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Bio-Carbon/Biomass Power


Northern Biomass Consulting is working with companies to develop wood based carbon. The Carbon has many uses from Specialty Agriculture markets, soil additives, carbon additives, filtration and hydrocarbon adhesion. At this point the replacement of coal mining markets for power is not an effective supplement due to the mass amounts needed to replace conventional coal power.

Projects- Northern biomass Consulting Ltd. with its success in the past few years has been able to secure wood fibre suitable for converting to Bio-Carbon and is presently in the permitting stage of one location and has 4 more going through in the next few years in different parts of Canada.

Markets - The markets for Bio-Carbon are massive. The need for high quality carbon either as an additive for consumer products such as plastic or steal, soil additives for agriculture lands and recreational facilities is at a low and with the reduction in conventional coal processing these markets will have a demand for Bio-Carbon.

Process - Northern Biomass Consulting Ltd. is working with a few different processes that are specific to site, region, allowable emissions and fibre supplies. Please contact us to discuss the processes further.

Biomass Power

Northern Biomass Consulting Ltd. is working with a couple existing developers of Biomass Power to use as stand allow projects or in conjunction with its already existing projects.
It has the ability to make plants that are semi-portable to permanent, with power capacities in the 2MW to 10MW.